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Mployable was started in early 2018, with one mission – to disrupt the recruitment industry.

Frustrated with the recruitment options available to growing businesses, our Director and Founder Rosie knew there had to be a better way for companies to scale their staff in line with the needs of their business.

Traditional recruitment agencies can be expensive and a minefield to work with; their motivations are often focused solely on making a placement – which isn’t always in the best interests of the business. But what’s the alternative? Most SME’s really don’t want or need to commit to hiring a Recruitment Manager or team on payroll.

There was a definite gap in the market for a hybrid solution.  The familiarity, trust and expertise of an in-house department, with the flexibility of an outsourced provision.

Understanding that the outsourced recruitment industry had a less-than-desirable reputation, we set out on a mission to change this, by flipping the traditional recruitment agency, fee-based model on its head, and instead offering Recruitment as a Service (RaaS).  A pioneering concept here in the UK, we loved the idea of working in partnership with businesses – building a long-term relationship and offering recruitment expertise and delivery as a service, as opposed to selling candidates as products.

In addition, we knew that the number one reason for recruitment failing was a misalignment between business strategy and hiring practises.  Most businesses get recruitment wrong because they fail to plan and are usually on the back foot – leading to rushed decisions and poor results.  Using our HR expertise, we built talent strategy and business alignment into the service as standard, and the concept of Mployable – the Outsourced, In-house Recruitment Team – was born. 

Fast-forward to today, and Mployable has helped a diverse range of high-growth, ambitious businesses to get better at hiring, align their talent strategy with their business goals, find the right people to propel their businesses forward and grow, by making talent a strategic part of their business plans.

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