Mployable Consulting was started in early 2018, with one mission – to evolve the way businesses think about their recruitment and growth.

Frustrated with the delivery-focused recruitment options available to growing businesses, our Director and Founder Rosie knew there needed to be a better way for companies to scale their staff in line with the needs of their business.

Many businesses grow in constant firefighting mode when it comes to recruitment.  “We needed someone yesterday” is a common problem and can set a scaling business back in achieving their goals.

There was a definite gap in the market for a strategic, commercially focused recruitment solution.  The familiarity, trust and expertise of in-house Recruitment Director, with the flexibility of an outsourced provider.


Understanding the need to separate the delivery of recruitment and the strategy that sits behind it, Mployable Consulting built a programme of work to deliver into businesses to enable them to hire consistently, strategically and (above all else) successfully, enabling their continued growth.

The number one reason for recruitment failing is a misalignment between business strategy and hiring practices.  Most businesses get recruitment wrong because they fail to plan and are usually on the back foot – leading to rushed decisions and poor results.  Using our HR and recruitment expertise, we built a talent strategy methodology using our ‘Three Pillar Method’ and our talent strategy and organisational design consultancy was born. 

Fast-forward to today, and Mployable Consulting has helped a diverse range of high-growth, ambitious businesses to get better at hiring and align their talent strategy with their business goals, by making recruitment a strategic part of their business plans.

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