Meet The Team


Rosie Skinner

Founder and Managing Director

After over ten years in the recruitment and HR industry, I like to say that there is not a single scenario in the recruitment realm that I haven’t experienced and wouldn’t know how to deal with – and that is something I love to be challenged on.  Challenges on a postcard please!

I’ve worked in both in-house recruitment at a management level and successfully in recruitment agencies.  I’ve been involved in every imaginable aspect of talent strategy and recruitment, from developing grass roots programmes with graduates and apprentices, all the way through to CEO and board-level searches, for a variety of industries – from engineering and software development, through to retail and travel.  Let’s just say I know my onions.

I’m also an author, speaker, blogger and thought leader on all things talent strategy and recruitment, and you can find more about that here

Mployable Consulting is a response to the need for a change of focus in how businesses approach recruitment.  It’s time for a shake-up, and we’re leading the charge.


Amy Hardy

Apprentice Business and Marketing Administrator 

I'm a fresh face to the recruitment industry after joining Mployable Consulting at the start of 2021.  Working closely with Rosie, I am here to support the business admin and marketing.  It’s a very fast-paced industry and I am certainly kept on my toes!

I have always been interested in the world of recruitment although our career paths had never crossed until now.  Mployable Consulting’s attitude towards building a strong foundation of talent strategy made me feel this was something worth being involved with and really does bring recruiting talent to a different level.  I felt that I had to be a part of this revolution and to have the chance to learn about how to hire the right people, from the best people.

I love a good chat, which is why it is very uplifting working alongside a team of like-minded people who are so interested in bringing fresh ideas to the table to help everyone reach their full potential. Being part of a team that value not just your skills but the energy you can bring to a role is so fulfilling.

Outside of work I keep busy spending time practising beauty therapy (my passion), shopping at home stores and watching my local ice hockey team.


Craig Skinner

Accounts and Payroll

I look after the accounts and payroll here at Mployable.  From making sure the team gets paid on time to supporting our clients with any accounts-based queries – I keep the accounts function moving.

I spent the best part of a decade within the accounts and payroll team at a high street recruitment agency, followed by senior positions with the payroll team of a large retail HQ.

This varied experience ensures that the rest of the team can get on with doing what they do best, and keep the business running at optimum efficiency.

I enjoy being part of a growing business, at the forefront of changing an industry, and the best part of the role is my interactions with our clients.  The variety certainly keeps me on my toes.