Switching on to the world of subscription-based hiring

Released On 21st Dec 2020

When using a recruitment partner, engagements are typically based on you, the client, paying a percentage of the agreed salary. And the recruiter working to a job description you’ve put together.

But take a look around you at how the world of transactions and relationships has changed in so many areas:

Your business software is subscription-based and can be tailored to your exact processes and needs.

Your financial management can be outsourced to an accountancy firm on a subscription.

You sit down with your family and watch your favourite programmes through a subscription service that knows what you like and recommends your next watch.

So many of the services you use are tailored to your needs and paid for on subscription. Predictable costs for results tailored to you and your business.

This is why you need to be working with a hiring partner that is built for the modern world:

Deep understanding of your business and your goals

Clear commercial agreement through a fixed monthly subscription

Move away from a model where it is in the recruiter’s best interest to get the highest salary for the candidate. Change to an in-house outsourced partner that is focused on the best result for you, the client.

Being able to accurately plan your hiring over time, with clarity of cost will give you far more confidence to hire in-line with your growth strategy.