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Released On 20th Feb 2020

For the last few weeks, roses have been everywhere, heart stickers and signs have been plastered all over the place and all the retailers were stacked high with valentines’ cards.

Valentines is a bit like marmite – you love it or hate it. It can either give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your gut or make you want to go full Bridget Jones. Some of us may have frantically run around the shops buying flowers and chocolates in our lunchbreak or scrambling to find a last-minute table at a restaurant as we’ve been too busy to think of what to do with our partners for valentines.

But should the love be kept for just one day? here’s a few ways you can bring a little happiness and love to the office every day!

Don’t make it a big deal

Bring in some tasty treats both sugary and healthy to say thank you to your team’s hard work.  If you’re office always has freshly baked goods brought in by other staff members how about an extra 20 mins in their lunchbreak instead?

Allow some laughs, it’s Valentines after all!

Share your favourite cheesy pick-up lines and funniest valentines’ cards. Here are some great examples from Boredpanda to create some office laughs.  Stick a nice or funny post-it note on your work colleague’s monitor to brighten their day.  Some companies have been preparing for this day in advance, from messages in a bottle scheme from HR to the secret love letter stations by others. The end goal is to make this day a little different.

Most importantly...

Show your employees some love more often

One of the main reasons some of us don’t engage with valentines’ day is because kindness shouldn’t be shown just one day of the year. Find ways to show some love to your employees throughout the year.

Keep them challenged, not overwhelmed

One major reason many employees decide to leave or change positions is when they are constantly being bombarded with tasks outside of their job description, too afraid to speak up when they don’t know how to complete such tasks. Give them tasks that stretches their abilities, not causes them panic. Check-in with them before adding more things to their to-do list as some are leaving their positions because they don’t feel like they are being challenged enough anymore. Show them some love by having an honest chat and see if you need to ease or increase their workload.

Create a culture of openness

The more comfortable your employees are talking to their superiors the less likely you are to lose your recruits after 6 months. If you’re struggling to fill a senior position, an open culture could encourage in-house promotions.

Shut down the bullies

There is nothing worse than “office banter” being confused with just being plain rude. Some of your team could be feeling a little more vulnerable during this month, depending on what is going on in their private lives. Keep an eye on what the office dynamics are and shut down bullies straight away.