The Problem

GivePanel is a Service as a Software tool for not for profits to manage their Facebook Fundraising, helping them to engage more Facebook fundraisers.  The GivePanel talent strategy is a hybrid of self-employed specialists working in harmony with employed staff, and as the business scaled, the busy founder and director didn’t have the time he knew he needed to dedicate to successfully growing the team. 

With team members in the UK and USA, coupled with a predominantly remote working strategy, it would be crucial to the success of the platform to have the right people on board. The business needed to engage with outside recruiting expertise – a business to build a long-term relationship with.  Not wanting to use a recruitment agency, options seemed limited.

Our Solution

Mployable worked in partnership with GivePanel to develop a strategy to grow the business with the right people in the right place at the right time.  Starting with a strategy session, we worked with the founder on the business structure and the options for growth. 

We then started working our way through the talent roadmap, mixing self-employed contractors with employed members of the team to create an agile, scale-up business to dial up and dial down in the areas of resource where support was most needed.  We offered a flexible ‘turn on, turn off’ subscription-based recruitment team service – so GivePanel could call when they needed us and pause when they didn’t – the optimum solution for their stage in growth.

The Result

Over the course of the engagement, Mployable have supported GivePanel in sustainably scaling and ensuring they have the flexible workforce they need to service their global clients.  Utilising a blended strategy of online platforms, traditional advertising and search methods, we’ve loaded their team with top talent, introduced them to incredible freelancers and supported the founder and director with building his talent strategy.

Case Study Overview
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Cost Saved
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*Cost savings are based on the savings of using either a traditional recruitment agency, or the cost of an in-house recruitment solution – dependent on the scope of each project, and the viable alternative solution to using Mployable’s services.

Customer Testimonial
What they had to say

Working with Mployable has transformed the way we think about recruitment in this business.  As a scale-up business we need to remain agile and be able to move quickly and the talent solutions Mployable have provided us with have allowed us to do just that.  The flexible service, combined with the efficiency and expertise of the team at Mployable, means I can leave them to look after our recruitment and focus on growing and moving GivePanel forward.

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