Kerr Office Group

The Problem

Kerr Office Group approached Mployable for support in improving recruitment processes and strategy to achieve their ambitious growth plans.

Kerr work extremely hard to maintain a reputation for excellence in their work and need to ensure that the people they hire into every area of the business uphold these standards, and support the business in delivering high-end work.  Until working with Mployable, Kerr had predominantly used the online recruitment advertising platform ‘Indeed’ to hire staff, with varied results.  In addition, Kerr often found themselves behind the curve in hiring, meaning they were lacking resource on vital projects.

Kerr realised it was time to change, and wanted to build a holistic hiring process and talent strategy that attracted the right candidates into the business to ensure future success.

Our Solution

Recognising that it would be crucial for Kerr’s success to attract a certain calibre and skill set into the business, Mployable worked closely with the internal Marketing Manager and senior leaders to start to build an employer brand, defining who they ‘were’ as employers.  Working intently with them, Mployable helped to craft their Careers page and social media pages to tell the Kerr story, selling the opportunity to work with Kerr Office Group.

Mployable introduced the COO to strategic recruitment concepts, allowing him to align the talent planning with the wider business plans and ensure they weren’t devoid of resource on future projects.

Alongside this work, Mployable also managed several vacancies, using our outsourced, in-house recruitment team service, creating advert copy templates, and introducing the business to new ways of positioning their vacancies to attract the perfect candidates. 

The Result

Kerr Office Group now enjoys a more aligned recruitment strategy.  Understanding the importance of ensuring their wider business plans work in tandem with their talent strategy, recruitment in the business is strategic, simple and successful.

In addition, the development of the Careers pages and social media is on-going, based on response and success rates.  With complete clarity on who they are as employers, Kerr is clear on the target candidates that will move their business forward, and know how to craft the messaging to bring them in to the business.

Finally, Mployable supported Kerr in driving their sales team forward by the introduction of a freelance sales professional, opening Kerr up to the possibilities of growing their business using talented contractors and outside experts.

Case Study Overview
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Workspace Design, Furniture and Fit-out
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Contract Length
8 months
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Cost Saved
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*Cost savings are based on the savings of using either a traditional recruitment agency, or the cost of an in-house recruitment solution – dependent on the scope of each project, and the viable alternative solution to using Mployable’s services.

Customer Testimonial
What they had to say

Since working with Mployable we are now taking a proactive approach to hiring staff, looking at our recruitment needs for the coming year, not three months too late!

The hires we have made since using Mployable have been fantastic, helping propel us towards our ambitious future.  Mployable have really helped convert our company values and ethos into a clear brand in relation to attracting top talent

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