The Problem

Website design and digital marketing has long been a difficult industry to find fantastic candidates within – particularly when you throw into the mix being based in South Somerset, the pool gets even smaller.

Having won several prestigious contracts, Kontrolit needed to grow their team.  In addition, they had always struggled with finding the right people at the right time, and being a growing business, recruitment agency fees and traditional outsource solutions were too expensive, and didn’t provide the more holistic expertise required to solve the problem.

Looking for advice on how to grow the business sustainably, and requiring support on filling their vacancies, Kontrolit approached Mployable.

Our Solution

Mployable understands the need for growing businesses to scale sustainably, and provided Kontrolit with consultation around how they could begin to ‘grow their own’ talent, by engaging with apprenticeship and graduate candidates, and beginning to build a future talent pool.  Whilst that didn’t solve the immediate recruitment needs, it helped Kontrolit create a strategy to avoid future talent shortages and improve their community presence in the employment market.

We also worked with the business to devise social media strategy and messaging that matched the ethos and vision of Kontrolit to attract the right people into the business and build their reach across social channels – particularly LinkedIn.

Next, Mployable tackled the vacancies.  We focused on a targeted executive research piece across LinkedIn and local competitors, sharing the results of our searches with the senior team at Kontrolit and encouraging them to connect with potential candidates directly themselves.  We recommended this strategy because candidates in this industry are often bombarded by third party recruiters on social media, and the connection would be more authentic coming from the employer directly, resulting in better engagement and a higher chance of success.

The Result

Kontrolit began to engage with local education providers to futureproof the business and started to see a steady stream of future talent connect with the business.  This strategy is now in place for Kontrolit to keep moving forward in the challenging talent marketplace in their industry.

Using our targeted LinkedIn outreach strategy, and carefully positioned advert copy, we were able to fill all vacant positions for Kontrolit and help them move their business to the next stage of growth.

Case Study Overview
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Information Technology
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Contract Length
4 Months
Cost Saved Icon
Cost Saved
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Size Of Company
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Yeovil, Somerset

*Cost savings are based on the savings of using either a traditional recruitment agency, or the cost of an in-house recruitment solution – dependent on the scope of each project, and the viable alternative solution to using Mployable’s services.

Customer Testimonial
What they had to say

Working with Mployable has been a fantastic experience all round. Like most small businesses, obtaining good quality people is essential to the continuing success of our business. However, using traditional agencies can be scary in many ways and not always cost-effective. We found the traditional route would have ironically hampered our future growth by potentially delaying a physical move. 

Therefore using Employable was the best decision Kontrolit has made. A professional and friendly service which took the day to day pressure of recruitment off our hands. We would 100% recommend Rosie as person to speak with and Employable as a company to deal with if you have any recruitment requirements

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