The Problem

PRHR were drafted in to lead a HR transformation project, for a medium-sized engineering business.  Mployable was introduced to support their recruitment strategy and delivery,  providing a holistic transformation to the business.  The HR and recruitment within the business were in a state of disarray, with little to no structure, no processes, poor retention, and engagement across all functions.

For the owners to grow the business, they accepted that fundamental change would be required to move it to the next stage – and this needed to start with the teams they already had, and the recruitment of future staff.

Our Solution

Working as part of the PRHR transformation team, Mployable began with an initial discovery phase, to understand what was truly going on inside the business and the issues with staffing and recruitment. 

Following the feedback and outcomes from the discovery sessions, Mployable began working in tandem with other professionals in the PRHR team.  Together, we developed an end-to-end recruitment process for the business, complemented with a recruitment strategy that aligned with the ambitious growth plans of the business, and wider HR strategy and transformation. 

This culminated in an internal cascade workshop, with the key hiring managers within the business to provide training and support on the new recruitment systems and process – paving the way for us to graduate the business from our services.

With phase one of the wider PRHR project complete, and the initial recruitment process and strategy created, Mployable then took on responsibility for delivering the process and systems.  As the outsourced, in-house recruitment team for the business, the end-game was for PRHR to manage its own recruitment longer term.

The Result

This had been a big task for the entire project team, as the processes and systems that existed prior to the project were dysfunctional and not delivering the results the ambitious business owners needed.

Mployable was able to deliver a recruitment process and strategy that consistently delivered and allowed the business to ensure they had the right people in the right place at the right time.  This complemented the wider PRHR project by supporting the existing teams and adding appropriate people resource.

During our engagement with the business, we made successful hires across the office, administration and engineering departments – and built legacy products – such as templates, tools and training to set the business up for future success after our support period came to an end.

Case Study Overview
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Project Management, HR
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Contract Length
6 Months
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Cost Saved
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*Cost savings are based on the savings of using either a traditional recruitment agency, or the cost of an in-house recruitment solution – dependent on the scope of each project, and the viable alternative solution to using Mployable’s services.

Customer Testimonial
What they had to say

Working with the Mployable team has been a fantastic experience.  During the course of the work we undertake at PRHR, we often have a need to reach out to vertical specialists to deliver an end to end solution for our clients – and Mployable’s holistic approach to recruitment and talent strategy is exactly what we need to align our work, and the work of our associates in more complex HR projects.

Working with Mployable was straightforward, seamless and the value add for our clients is huge.  It means that we can offer the services of an in-house recruitment team, from management and strategy level, through to boots on the ground delivery, to complement our wider HR project management and approach.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Mployable again – in fact, I’m already looking forward to our next project.

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