Sweet Construct

The Problem

Sweet Construct were due to enter a period of significant growth, due to winning a number of high-profile contracts.  The business was growing in all areas, from office-based staff, through to the staff on-site, and were struggling to proactively manage the volume of vacancies across the business to ensure they had the critical resource required to deliver on the contracts.  Recruitment agencies were providing inconsistent and expensive results.  In addition, Sweet Construct were on the verge of a rebrand; they wanted to create an employer brand and recruitment strategy to get them on the front foot with hiring and improve the quality of their applicants.

Our Solution

Mployable provided their end-to-end recruitment solution – the outsourced in-house recruitment team, looking after all aspects of talent and hiring – from recruitment strategy and process all the way through to boots on the ground hiring. 

The Result

Blending seamlessly with HR for the duration of the engagement, Mployable brought order to the applications process, streamlined recruitment operations and supported Sweet Construct in running an efficient recruitment department. We took care of over 25 vacancies over the course of the engagement, ensuring all projects were appropriately resourced. This allowed the business to achieve its strategic objectives.  Mployable provided support and guidance on strategy and process, leaving a legacy for future recruitment success and improved hiring practices.

The final swan-song was our appointment of a Senior HR Business Partner, graduating Mployable out of Sweet Construct, and enabling the business to continue to scale successfully.

Case Study Overview
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Contract Length
8 months
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Cost Saved
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*Cost savings are based on the savings of using either a traditional recruitment agency, or the cost of an in-house recruitment solution – dependent on the scope of each project, and the viable alternative solution to using Mployable’s services.

Customer Testimonial
What they had to say

Mployable bought an improvement to our existing recruitment process in search, selection and strategy, notably providing a more ‘user friendly’ experience for the applicant.  The telephone screening worked well, with the Mployable team delivering candidates of an excellent fit for face to face interviews.  A particular highlight was the securing of a high-quality Senior HR Business Partner.  We were delighted with the quality of search and the recruitment process itself - managing the candidates and managing us along the way. 

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