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We let you into some of the secrets of our success and provide you with the tools and tips to recreate the Mployable Method.  It’s DIY for recruitment.

The Recruitment Toolkit

Ever wondered how a successful recruitment process should work?  Always winging it, and ending up with inconsistent results?  All that is about to change with our Recruitment Toolkit.  Our blueprint for success is an exact carbon copy of the templates and structures we use in-house here at Mployable Consulting.  Follow our guides, use the templates and experience the reliable recruitment results you deserve to drive your business forward.

Recruitment Toolkit 

Our Events

Want the opportunity to engage with us on a more interactive basis?  We hold regular events to discuss all things talent strategy and recruitment, both on our own virtual stage and in collaboration with other businesses, providers and thought-leader platforms.  Check out our Calendar here


Recruitment Courses

We’ve broken down the talent strategy and recruitment process into tasty morsels for you to pick and choose, or pick and mix to get the perfect blend of game-changing light bulb moments, inspiration and content. This will transform the way you look at hiring and growing your business forever!

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Buy The Book

Yep, she went and did it!  Our Director and Founder Rosie Skinner only went and wrote a book about building a successful in-house recruitment function from the ground up.  The book details the 12 steps to build your own in-house recruitment department.  Learn our method at your leisure.

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