Flexible Recruitment and Talent Strategy on Subscription!


What is Mployable?

Mployable provides Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) offering talent strategy and subscription-based recruitment services.  We aren’t a recruitment agency.  Think of us more like your new outsourced, in-house recruitment team.

What are my subscription options?

We base our subscriptions on a ‘how long do you need us?’ basis. You choose the duration: one, three, six or twelve months.

We offer a tiered pricing structure, rewarding loyalty with discounts. Each plan has a 30-day notice period at the end of the contract length, and without cancellation, are on an automatic renewal basis.

What do I get with my subscription?

In a nutshell:

  • An outsourced, in-house recruitment department
  • Up to five vacancies looked after at any one time (end-to-end recruitment process)
  • A quarterly talent strategy meeting
  • A suite of templates and guidance for extra support
  • Unlimited phone and email support from Mployable

But it’s best you see it for yourself.  Click here to see the details of each package.  Scroll to see what each package offers, and just remember to hit the little ‘+’ icon to see the full descriptions of the service.

What happens after I purchase a subscription?

After you've created an account with us, and chosen to “Subscribe”, you’ll be taken to PayPal to enter your details and take the first step in growing your business with us.  Once you’ve entered your details and agreed to our T&Cs, you’ll receive a welcome email and a welcome pack delivered straight to your inbox. 

We’ll invite you to book a virtual welcome meeting with your dedicated Client Service Coordinator, where they’ll find out about your business, book in your strategy session, and take the details of your current vacancies.  Once your welcome call is in the diary we’re poised and ready. 

How do I know which subscription is right for me?

It really depends on your business plans and how much hiring you require.  If you’re confident you’ve got a reasonable sized project on the horizon and you need more people than you’ve got now, a six- or twelve-month subscription is perfect for you.  If you know you’ve only got a couple of roles to fill, we recommend the rolling monthly subscription or the three-month commitment.  If you’re not sure, call us on 0330 111 2911 to discuss your options.

How long does it take you to recruit someone?

It depends on the seniority, specialism or industry – but as a general rule of thumb, if we start with the point at which we take the job details, all the way through to the right candidate accepting the role, we suggest:

  • Standard, non-senior, non-specialist positions – up to 6 weeks.
  • Middle management, or semi-specialist roles – up to 8 weeks.
  • Specialist, or senior, or shortage industry roles – up to 12 weeks

But these aren’t hard and fast rules.  Sometimes we can have the right person in the door within a fortnight – sometimes it can take six months.  Equally, we can’t predict your communication speed or responsiveness – so this is just a realistic average, understanding that you have commitments as well and often multiple sign-offs involved on your side of things.

With people there are unlimited variables, and if we are clear on your timeframes – we’ll be honest about whether we can deliver.

Would you be able to send me CVs today?

We always work as speedily as possible – but today?  Unlikely unfortunately. 

We don’t have hordes of candidates on our ‘books’.  Our roles are undertaken for our subscription clients as bespoke projects.  We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ and just because a candidate matches a certain job profile, your business isn’t the same as your industry competitors – so what are the chances we’d get lucky and pull the perfect person out of a hat?

As we work with our clients longer term, we build talent pools of prospective candidates specifically for them, for future talent pipelining as part of a wider business and recruitment strategy.  So the longer we work together, and develop our partnership – the more likely this scenario becomes.

How does payment work?

Payment is on a direct debit basis, and the payments are taken via PayPal at the start of each billing month.

Each contract is rolling, unless cancelled.

Each contract requires thirty days’ notice before the end of the contract period to cancel. 

I've just signed up, but haven't received my welcome email?

Check your spam and junk folders - it often ends up in there.  

If it's still nowhere to be seen, ping an email over to Hello@Mployable.co.uk and we will make sure it's sorted for you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re on one of our rolling monthly subscriptions, it’s thirty days’ notice.  Just give us a call on 0330 111 2911 and one of our team will manage the process for you.

If you’ve reached the end of your chosen subscription length, just make sure you call us thirty days before the end date of the contract to cancel and we can get it sorted for you.

If you are in one of our committed subscriptions (3, 6 or 12 months) unless you’re not happy with our service (we hope you won’t need it, but please follow our complaints procedure), cancelling before the end of your agreed subscription length will incur costs to the value of the full length of your subscription. 

This example is for illustrative purposes only.  The total cost of the annual service is £11,940 (+VAT) spread over equal instalments for the benefit of The Client.  Cancellation before the end date of the period will result in the remaining fee being chargeable.  You have the option to pay the full amount as per your service choice, should this be more appropriate for your needs.  We would continue to offer the service for the period specified – unless instructed otherwise.  If you think that 12 months might be too long, please consider one of our other options.

What happens if circumstances change and I no longer need the subscription length I thought I did?

If things really are difficult please contact us as soon as you can.  We do understand that things change, and should there be an economic crisis, recession, global pandemic, or disaster (COVID-19!) we will be flexible in the support we can give, by offering subscription pauses and payment plans.  At our discretion and in extreme circumstances we will also consider mutually agreeing early cancellation.

How do you do it? What does your recruitment process entail?

The Mployable method is a tried and tested recruitment system without gimmicks or tricks – simply good old-fashioned relationship-building and recruitment 101 – giving us the best chance to understand who will suit your business and who won’t.  If you’re on a subscription with us, this is how we roll:

  1. Once you let us know you’ve got a new vacancy, we’ll call you to take the details and get to the bottom of who you need and what they’ll be doing.
  2. Then we’ll create a job description, person specification and bespoke advert to ensure the candidates come flocking.  You’ll get final sign-off before we go live.
  3. We develop and execute a marketing and search strategy, tailored to your industry and the nature of the position.
  4. Candidates apply through the Careers page of our website (branded with your logo and company name) which acts as a front end to our applicant tracking system (ATS) 
  5. We do the initial screening of applicants, based on the job description and person specification we collaborated on at the start.  Anyone not right for the job will get a polite message to let them know.  We never leave anyone hanging – all applicants get a response.
  6. Candidates that make the first cut, go onto a fifteen-minute telephone interview with your service coordinator.  They’ll ask specific questions related to your business and the job - and make notes on the conversations for you to see when you’re ready.
  7. After the telephone interviews, your coordinator will let you know their feedback and their recommendations for progression, through a consultative, two-way, honest conversation about who we think is the right match for your team.
  8. You’ll receive your shortlist and all the notes through our ATS – keeping us all GDPR compliant, no CV’s or personal details flying around on emails.
  9. You tell your coordinator who you’d like to interview and when – and we’ll set it up.
  10. We do everything we can to make sure the candidates turn up, and that you have everything you need for a confident and productive interview.
  11. Once you’ve made your decision, you can let us know and we’ll deliver the good news to your new employee and let the unsuccessful candidates down gently.  Let us take care of any negotiations and secure you your perfect candidate.
  12. We’ll then help you put together a plan to keep in touch with the candidate and make sure they turn up on day one.

Whenever we aren’t with you (for example face-to-face interviews) we’ve put together scripts and guidance to help you through the process and make things as simple as possible (which you'll receive in your welcome pack) – it’s as if we’re part of the team.

Can I contact candidates you’ve introduced to me, after we stop working together?

One of the best parts about recruitment as a service (RaaS) is that you own everything (and everyone) that we find, create or build on your behalf, forever.  Yes, even after our engagement is over.

  • Want to hire two people we’ve found for you instead of one?  Go ahead, it’s all included – we’re chuffed we did such a great job.
  • Want to revisit a LinkedIn search we did for you and directly contact a candidate?  Sure thing – they’re all yours.
  • Love the process and messaging we built for your recruitment campaigns?  Keep going, that now belongs to you.

There’s no introduction fee and no ‘back door hiring’ policy.  Our mission is to help you get better at hiring – so we hope we leave a legacy; it means we’ve done a good job.  Candidates aren’t the commodity here – so fill your boots, it’s all there for the taking.

How can I update my payment or any other details?

Log in to your account to see if you can update what you need to there.

If you can't see what you're looking for, speak to your Client Services Coordinator or give us a call on 0330 111 2911

I only have one vacancy to fill – are you the right solution?

This is completely your decision.  Our services are designed for businesses with regular, on-going hiring needs, or businesses going through a hiring spike who need a helping hand – but if you love what we do and want to work with us – who are we to get in your way?  We’ll still include our strategy session as standard if you’d find it valuable, and all the expertise and guidance that comes as part of the Mployable experience.  Who knows – you might end up sticking around longer than you intended?

I have a vacancy that is over £65k per annum. Can you still help?

We don’t look after vacancies over this salary level as part of our standard subscriptions – as they require a little more love and attention.

We can definitely help though.  Give us a call to chat on 0330 111 2911 about the options.

What is the ‘white labelled’ service, and how does it work?

We find that we get better results and better engagement from candidates if the candidates feel like they are dealing with the hiring business directly – not a third party.  So, here’s how we do it:

  • We write your adverts using your company name and ‘we’ or ‘us’ – not ‘our valued client’ or similar.
  • We operate under a careers@yourbusinesshere email address (which you’ll set up or provide us access to).
  • We use your logos and branding in all external adverts and communication.
  • We use your company name when speaking to candidates.

There are a few areas of the process where Mployable branding and your business branding will overlap, but it’ll only be the most eagle-eyed candidates that will spot it – ask us if you want specifics.

If you’ve ever wished for your own in-house recruitment team but couldn’t justify the commitment – we are the perfect solution.

What happens if the candidates you hire for us leave or don’t work out?

Because we offer recruiting as a service (Raas) you pay a monthly retainer for our service, our time and expertise – not the candidates themselves.

Traditional recruitment agencies will offer what is called a ‘rebate’ if the candidate doesn’t work out.  It’s a bit like a warranty, but for a person.  If the engagement doesn’t work out within a certain timeframe the client is offered a refund for all or a portion of the fee they have paid the agency to hire that person.

You won’t pay us per hire – subsequently the candidates we help you to hire as a part of delivering our service aren’t the product – our service is the product.  If you aren’t happy with our service, that’s a different matter (and one we’d be super sad about) but if a candidate doesn’t work out, we don’t offer any rebate or refund.  Ideally, you’ll still be on a plan with us, so we’ll re-hire into the role as part of the ongoing plan and do a bit of digging together to find out why it didn’t work.

I think I’ll need more than five vacancies looked after at any one time. Can you still help?

We include five vacancies at any one time on our standard subscription packages.

If you think you’ll need more support, we can certainly help.  Give us a call 0330 111 2911 to chat about the options.

What industries do you specialise in?

We have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to offer a successful talent strategy and recruitment service within any industry.

We don’t keep pools of candidates to farm out for every role.  Each hire we make is bespoke to your business.  We know as well as you do that your business is different to your industry competitors – so you’ll need the right candidates to match your business – not just to match a job description.

As a bit of a steer, we work well with high-growth, ambitious, entrepreneurial businesses who prize efficiency, outsourcing, expertise and delegation. 

We also have a great track record in technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing recruitment – especially where recruitment is an afterthought or unstructured, and you don’t see the results you deserve.

Generally, we like to work with businesses who value our expertise, are serious about changing the way they hire – and are looking for something more than a ‘bums on seats’ approach to growing their business.

How do you find candidates?

Perhaps controversially, we believe strongly in the power of writing brilliant job adverts, specifically targeted at your perfect candidate and a mirror reflection of what it is like to work for you.  We think of it as the shop window to your job.

Advertising has had a bit of a bad rep over the years, as many businesses and recruitment agencies, frankly, write terrible adverts.  But written correctly, using our house method, they can be an extremely powerful tool in bringing the right person to you.

Once we’ve crafted the perfect bespoke advert, we’ll post it on the job boards we have at our disposal (this changes regularly, as we track results and invest accordingly) alongside our own website and social media channels.

For more senior or specialist hires we also utilise our LinkedIn premium account and undertake executive research on your behalf – and all contact is made via LinkedIn.

Can I pay for my subscription as a lump sum instead of monthly instalments?

Of course.  In fact, if that’s how you like to do things, for subscriptions six months and over, we’ll offer you a 10% discount on the total cost of your chosen subscription as a thank you.  Just give us a call on 0330 111 2911 and we’ll get it sorted.

Do you provide temporary staff, self-employed staff, or contractors?

Our general rule of thumb is that if you are paying them directly, we can support.

We don’t provide recruitment agency-style temporary staff, where candidates are hired out by the hour, paid by the agency and then you are subsequently billed the salary plus a mark-up.

We can help with self-employed and contract staff (provided they will be paid by you).  Done properly, the process is like recruiting employed members of the team, and we can take the leg work off your hands – leaving you as the decision-maker in the process. 

Contact us to find out how we can help.

What happens to my candidates’ once they’ve applied to you?

Candidates drop into our online applicant tracking system (ATS) where we seamlessly manage them through the process, from shortlisting and telephone interview – leaving notes and commentary along the way – so when it’s time for you to see your shortlist, you’ll know exactly why we’ve picked who we’ve picked and can view them using your log-in through our GDPR portal. 

Why is talent strategy important?

In our experience successful hiring happens when talent strategy is aligned with the wider business strategy – the two must work in tandem.  When a business hires blindly, it’s always a struggle and it’s always ‘we needed someone yesterday’.

By tying in a quarterly talent strategy session to our subscription packages, we’re holistically helping your business to get better at recruiting. This will move your business forward and ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time.  You can find out more about these sessions here

If you’d prefer to not have the sessions, we’ll be sad – but we’ll understand.  They aren’t mandatory, but they are recommended to get the best out of your subscription and make long-term change.

Do you offer any on-site or in-house services?

Not as standard.  Everything we offer is designed to be virtual – but if you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, give us a call on 0330 111 2911 and we’ll see if we’re the right fit.

Do you include any paid-for job advertising in your subscriptions?

No.  If it's something you'd like to consider, we can work with you to make the decisions as to where to spend your money - but generally, it's not necessary - and it often makes the process more laborious.  

We already have our own ATS and in-house recruitment processes, but we need more hands on deck. Could we still work together?

Depends what you think you need us for, and where you see us fitting in?  Best to give us a call on 0330 111 2911 and we’ll have a proper chat.

Where are you based?

We’re based in leafy Somerset, UK, right in the heart of the Mendip Hills, not too far from the bustling city of Bristol and the beautiful city of Bath.  Our recruitment services are delivered completely remotely – so location isn’t a barrier, wherever you are based in Great Britain we can help.

Do you work outside Great Britain?

Employment law and recruitment best practice differ between countries – so as awesome and as flexible as we are, our knowledge and expertise are based here in Great Britain for the time being.  But never say never …

Do you take references for candidates or provide employment contracts?

When you sign up with us on a subscription contract, you’ll receive access to our Welcome Pack, which contains a suite of templates, including a reference taking form, an offer letter and a standard contract of employment template – complete with guidance on how to complete.  If you need extra support or advice, we’re on hand – but we don’t complete these for you. 

We do everything we can to ensure a candidate is who they say they are – however, the responsibility to check identity and qualifications or any other essential information will sit with you.

If you require specialist or bespoke employment documentation, this is best left to a HR or employment law specialist – so please ask your Service Coordinator for an introduction to one of our trusted associates. 

In choosing to use the documentation we provide, the client accepts full responsibility for any outcomes or disputes that may arise from utilising these standard templates.

Can you work to bespoke requirements or projects?

It depends what it is.  We don’t ever work on a success fee only basis – but anything other than that, if you think we’re the right team for the job – give us a call on 0330 111 2911 – we’re all ears.

Do you offer Headhunting or Executive Search?

We can offer executive research. We have a LinkedIn premium account, which we use to build a project list of candidates that match the role and the company.  We would then contact the candidates using LinkedIn – or we can pass the list back over to you to make your own contact.

We don’t cold-call prospective candidates at their desk; trawl Google or hunt down their personal email addresses or contact details.  We would recommend using a professional headhunting service if you’re sure that’s what your vacancy needs.  Give us a call on 0330 111 2911 if you’d like to chat it through.