Resources for Industry Professionals

Already in the HR or recruitment industry and looking to brush up on your in-house recruitment skills?  Maybe you’re box fresh to the recruitment industry, or you’ve moved over from the recruitment agency world?  Or perhaps you’re an experienced HR Manager, for whom recruitment is always a bit of a box-ticking exercise, and you just aren’t seeing the results you deserve.  However you got here, if you want to get better at in-house recruitment, and be a part of the community, you’ve come to the right place.

Recruitment and HR Mastermind

We’re building a select community of likeminded industry professionals to join our online Recruitment and HR Mastermind group.

If you’re looking for a way to gain more support in your HR or Recruitment role or small company, this is the perfect place to accelerate your career or consultancy business to the next level and build an enviable little black book of industry contacts.

Recruitment Mastermind

Our Events

We hold regular events to discuss all things talent strategy and recruitment, both on our own virtual stage and in collaboration with other businesses, providers and thought leader platforms.  Check out our Calendar here


Business Workshops

Maybe a bespoke workshop or training session for your team would be just the ticket?  We deliver everything virtually, meaning we can streamline the costs, maximise the value and still provide an interactive experience.  We can flex to meet your needs – but some of our more popular sessions include:

Hiring Manager Workshop
The traditional standalone workshop for anyone in your team who has responsibility for hiring. We cover the basics from shortlisting candidates, interview technique, essential employment law considerations and everything in between. The minimum standard recruitment workshop for ambitious businesses.
Talent Strategy Workshop
Aimed at senior business or HR leaders who want to ensure their talent strategy (who, what, why and when) is aligned with their wider business strategy.
Employer Branding Workshop
Aimed at senior HR or recruitment leaders who want to start to attract passive talent and position themselves as an employer of choice.
Recruitment Process Alignment
Aimed at senior HR, business, or recruitment leaders to get your house in order. Build a consistent process that delivers, and walk away with a blueprint for successful and simple hiring.
Build a virtual hiring process
Post COVID-19, how can we tap into resource remotely and load our teams with the best talent? Lean into the opportunities that remote working has opened up, and work with us to build a virtual hiring process to make this possible..
Recruitment 101
New member of the recruitment team and need to bring them up to speed sharpish? Whether they’ve moved over from the recruitment agency world, or are new to the industry completely, this training programme will set them on the right tracks to internal recruitment team member success.

But if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us to build the workshop or training programme that suits you.


Talks & Keynote Speeches

Founder and Director of Mployable, Rosie Skinner, regularly speaks at business, HR and recruitment events.  With Rosie as your speaker, you’re always guaranteed a high-octane performance to remember.  Click here to find out more about Rosie and see her in action.

Professional Speaker

Buy The Book

Want to take it all in at your own pace?  Rosie, has written a book on how to build a successful in-house recruitment function from the ground up.  The book details the 12 steps to build a successful in-house recruitment department – and you can buy it right here.

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