Recruitment Mastermind

Our Recruitment and HR Mastermind Group is the perfect place to develop ideas and strategy, share news and build a network of like-minded professionals over monthly virtual meetings, regular industry expert workshops and gain access to our library of recruitment and talent strategy resources. 

Why should I join?

Have you ever felt frustrated by the lack of support or input you have within your HR or Recruitment role?  You know that recruitment and HR is a strategic part of business growth, and you have incredible ideas – but you don’t seem to get the buy-in from the top?  Consistently seen as an admin function or box-ticking, you’re lacking department budget and a seat at the table.

Or perhaps you run a HR team or department, and your recruitment results aren’t as good as they should be.  Retention rates are poor, you’ve not clarified your talent strategy, recruitment is always ‘we needed someone yesterday’ and quite frankly it’s a pain in the neck.  You know you need to cut down the recruitment agency budget, but it’s a minefield – where to start?

How about – you’re ready to elevate your career but need the tools and support of people who’ve already trodden the tracks to give you a leg up.

Or maybe you’re now working remotely, and you crave the support of a likeminded community to grow your network and create opportunities.

No matter your current situation, if you would benefit from expertise, ideas, and a community on tap – this group could be the right place for you.

How does the group work?

The community gets together once a month over Zoom to share wins, stories, and problems from the previous month.  There are plenty of round-table opportunities to share obstacles you’re coming up against, and reach out into the community for ideas, solutions, and support – including the expertise of our Mployable hosts – and industry expert guests. 

We actively encourage you to get to know each other outside of the scheduled sessions, with one-to-ones, social media link-ups and a dedicated WhatsApp group to develop your network and create incredible opportunities.

What will I get from joining the group?

We delve into our little black book to bring you experts from the HR and recruitment sphere to talk all things HR, Recruitment and Talent Strategy to boost your knowledge and give you the opportunity to have your burning questions answered.

You’ll also get access to a library of workshops, webinars, templates and resources to support your journey, alongside exclusive discounts and early bird offers on our events and products.

But most importantly, you’ll build your own first-class HR and Recruitment professionals’ network – a support network to share goals, ideas, and successes to supercharge your career or business to the next level.

Who is the group for?

The group is perfect for professionals who have strategic or management responsibility in a HR or in-house recruitment function, or those who own a HR business. 

To join us, we’re looking for at least two years’ experience in either HR or in-house recruitment and the confidence to share ideas and collaborate with fellow professionals.  Members who can bring something to the table in terms of experience and expertise and are ready to be a part of the community.

You’ll also need to know that it’s a rolling quarterly membership, giving you the opportunity to build long-term relationships and generate sustained success, so you’ll need to be committed to developing your career or business, and be ready for some over-the-hill thinking.

How do I join?

Membership to the mastermind is by application only, so if you’re ready to build a network, achieve your professional goals faster, get a seat at the table and become accountable for success in your career or business, register an interest in being considered for our next mastermind group, email us and we’ll be in touch to discuss whether the group is the right next step for you.