Talent Strategy and Organisational Design Consultancy.

Our signature service.  We work with your business to align your talent strategy with your business strategy using our Three Pillar Method.

Think of us as your Doctors in Recruitment.  We will diagnose the issues with your hiring, find out how it is impacting your growth and prescribe and deliver a bespoke solution.

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Events, Courses & Toolkits

We let you into some of the secrets of our success and provide you with the tools and tips to create your own in-house recruitment process, strategy and system.  Perfect for businesses who need support in gaining structure, but aren't quite ready for us to run the project in-house.

It’s DIY for recruitment.

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Resources for industry professionals

Already in the HR or recruitment industry and looking to brush up on your in-house recruitment skills?  Maybe you’re box fresh to the recruitment industry, or you’ve moved over from the recruitment agency world?  Or perhaps you’re an experienced HR Manager, for whom recruitment is always a bit of a box-ticking exercise, and you just aren’t seeing the results you deserve.  However you got here, if you want to get better at in-house recruitment, and be a part of the community, you’ve come to the right place.

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Buy the Book

Want to learn our proven twelve-step method for recruiting success?  Find out more about the revolution of recruitment in Rosie’s book.

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Rosie Skinner – Thought Leader, Blogger and Professional Speaker

Rosie Skinner is a recruitment author, blogger, speaker and Founder and Managing Director of Mployable Consulting.  She is a well-known and highly respected expert in everything recruitment and talent strategy. 

Speaking at renowned industry and business events throughout her career and a current blogger over at #ChatTalent, Rosie has a high-octane delivery style in both her writing and speaking – making her the perfect addition to your HR, business or recruitment speaker line-up or blog roster. 

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Recruitment Agency - Coaching and Consultancy

Are you running a recruitment agency, but not quite reaching your full potential?  You know there is money being left on the table - but for some reason, your agency isn't quite cutting the mustard?  Or maybe you are in the early days of running your new recruitment agency venture and need a bit of direction to push the business forward?

We specialise in working with ambitious recruitment agencies who need support to take the next step to achieve their goals.  As a successful former recruitment agency consultant and current successful recruitment business owner, we know how to get your business and your team firing on all cylinders.

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